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Will the government's financial regulations and policies reignite inflation and precipitate the next financial crisis?


As more countries are losing faith in the USD & signing treaties to trade with each other using alternative currencies, will the USD lose its status as the world’s global currency?


Will the protectionist policies create a trade war which will directly impact the American consumer who will see regular everyday items double or triple in price?

China is already dumping its USD and loading up on gold

China winding down u.s treasuries, loading up gold

And it's not just China, foreign governments dump U.S. debt at record rate in 2016

Net change in foreign ownership of U.S. Treasuries

Are Policymakers Out of Ammo?

Today’s interest rates in the U.S. and other developed countries are still close to zero and government debt is much higher than it was in 2008, giving policymakers considerably less room for manoeuvre if the system fails again.

U.S. National Debt


Government and Central Banks Still Stocking Up on Gold

If central banks believed in their economies so much, why do they keep stocking up on gold?

World Official Central Bank Holdings

The Top Gold Hoarders (%)

In 2010 Portugal seized retirement account assets to help plug holes with government deficits and debt. Ireland and France did the same in 2011, as did Poland in 2013. The U.S. government has been watching. Since 2011, Treasury has taken money from government workers’ pension funds on four separate occasions to cover deficits in federal spending. Investing billionaire legend Jim Rogers believes that private accounts will be the next ones the government raids.

Proven Safe Haven in Times of Geopolitical, Economical and Financial Turmoil.

Effective Diversification and Protection for Stock-Heavy Portfolios.

Limited Supply. Increasing Demand. Cannot be created “at will”.

Long Term Store of value.

Hedge Against Inflation AND Deflation.

Hedge Against the Declining Dollar and Money Printing Policies.

Is Gold Really Useful in Times of Crisis?

See for yourself.

Black Monday1987 Iraq-Kuwait War1990 Dot Com Crash2001 Financial Crisis2008
Stock Market Decline -38.9 -22.5 -27% -34%
Gold Price Results +5% +7.5% +1% +5%
Gold Outperformed Stocks By Ratio 45:1 31:1 29:1 40:1

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